Subject: nano/pico, vi, and screen
Date: 2014-08-07 17:48:58
From: spd dps
Source: nano-pico-vi-screen


Does your components support commands like : nano, pico, vi, or screen ? This 4 commands are really essentials to me, and they don't seem to work.
I've tried every update since v5.3.31206 up to v6.0.40723, but none of them doesn't support pico, nano, or screen. VI is implemented indeed, but it just doesn't work as it should.

Here is some of the output from the sshterminalcontrol :

[longbv@webserver tmp]$ echo test1>>a.txt
[longbv@webserver tmp]$ echo test2>>a.txt
[longbv@webserver tmp]$ cat a.txt
[longbv@webserver tmp]$ nano a.txt
Error opening terminal: cpterm.
[longbv@webserver tmp]$ screen
Cannot find terminfo entry for 'cpterm'.
[longbv@webserver tmp]$
Vi doesn't work also. At least not for me. Sometimes it doesn't recognize the INSERT, other times it does, but from 5 lines it makes about 1500 lines. I paste just once, and it inserts 100 or so, more.
The question is, I'm I missing something out ? Or it just doesn't support nano/pico and screen ?Will there be update that will support this 3 commands ?
Thank you


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