Subject: Multi-Thread File Transfer and Checking File Existance
Date: 2011-06-07 11:09:08
From: Jenn Bowe
Source: multi-thread-file-transfer-checking-file-existance

I am trying to upload a directory using the Multi-Thread file transfer, however, I want to be able to check for the files existance first.  Specifically I need to make sure the file I am uploading is newer than the one on the server.  I have been going through your documentation, however, I am now stuck.  Here is what I am using...

Dim instance As TransferOptions = Nothing
Dim value As FileExistsResolveAction
value = FileExistsResolveAction.Confirm
instance.FileExistsResolveAction = value


"C:\Folder", "/Projects/Testing9", instance, 3, True)

My question is, should I be using the confirm file exists resolve action to complete this task?  If so is there some type of handler I need to add in order for this to work?  If you could please provide me an example of how to go about this, as it would be greatly appreciated.

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