Subject: I’m trying to send some files to Mainframe using client.SendCommand
Date: 2011-04-06 22:19:21
From: Muhamamd Akhtar
Source: m-trying-send-files-mainframe-using-client-sendcommand

I’m trying to send some files to Mainframe, when  ever I try to use the command client.SendCommand("site lrecl=102 recfm=FB blksize=0");


I get this response .“Response for the last command has not been received. This command cannot be sent.”


Please help


Here is my code snippet


Ftp client = new Ftp();


                  client.Authenticate(ftpUserId, ftpPassword);

                  client.SendCommand("site lrecl=102 recfm=FB blksize=0");

                  int i = 0;

            foreach (string f in strFiles)


                    client.UploadFiles(f, MainframeName);




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