Subject: LogoutRequest
Date: 2013-11-01 04:05:48
From: Laszlo Csabi
Source: logoutrequest


I try to create a valid LogoutRequest from the SP side and send it to the iDp Logout Service. The idP will require Session Index passed within the LogoutRequest.
The "SessionIndexes" property is null on the created  LogoutRequest object, and it has only a getter access.

How can I populate the SessionIndexes, and why is it empty? I have done the following so far:

LogoutRequest logoutRequest = new LogoutRequest();
logoutRequest.Issuer = new Issuer("");
logoutRequest.NameId = new NameId("whatever");
// Send the logout request to the IdP over HTTP redirect.
string logoutUrl = "";
 X509Certificate2 x509Certificate = (X509Certificate2)Application[Global.SpCertKey];
// Logout locally.
logoutRequest.Redirect(Response, logoutUrl, Guid.NewGuid().ToString(), x509Certificate.PrivateKey);




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