Subject: Licensing question
Date: 2020-03-04 08:37:13
From: mendez
Source: licensing-question-2fe9b162-9bd5-4ab9-965a-e9d40b3a5729


We are currently evaluating the use of your product (UltimateFTP) on a project we're currently working on. We are evaluating a lot of other alternatives with the same functionality (IPWorks, edtFtp, etc). Right now I think our product is the one we perhaps want to use. We have some questions about licensing, though. 

The application we are working on will have a commercial version (which can be purchased by the end client). It will also have a "lite" version with some unavailable functions. The lite version **will be available as freeware (NOT open source)** and can be used in **commercial environments as well if desired**.  Our question is: is there some limitation in your license agreement that prevents the use in a **freeware application** that can bee freely distributed and used even commercially? Note that the application is not Open Source and we, eventually will purchase your libraries without source code, so we won't be distributing your source code in any way.



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