Subject: Licencing
Date: 2018-11-26 10:11:19
From: Solvitt
Source: licencing

Just checking, we need an SFTP module to interact with other customers EDI requirements.

We sell our own product 'Solvitt' which is a manufacturing suite, which includes sales/purchase/stock/barcoding/scheduling/edi, etc

I just wanted to check that if we include your modules in our product that we can distribute this royalty-free to our customers.

If this is the case I will download the trial version to test during the week.

We have 3 developers so will need a quote for 3 development licences. (Ultimate with Source).

We could just get the SFTP element but have decided to get the Ultimate as some parts of the PDF module could also be useful to us, on the assumption that everything works as expected in our SFTP scenarios.



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