Subject: Issues with print in PDF Viewer. Print is not working when we send the document to the available printer
Date: 2020-03-11 05:45:27
Source: issues-print-pdf-viewer-print-not-working-send-document-available-printer

When we are using PDFViewer.Print(true) method, we are able to see the print dialog with options and print works fine when we select “Microsoft Print to PDF” option as it saves the document as a PDF. But we are receiving an exception when we select the available printer for a hard copy. The exception we are receiving is: “The data area passed to a system call is too small”. We added the document by checking if the document is null and even then we are receiving the same exception.

Can you please help us in fixing this issue or let us know if we are missing anything. If any sample is available where the print is working fine when we select the available printer.

The following is the code snippet that we have written,

var pdfViewer = new ComponentPro.Windows.UI.PdfViewer();
if (pdfViewer.Document == null)


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