Subject: Issue with downloadfiles method
Date: 2010-08-17 15:42:00
From: Ron Moore
Source: issue-downloadfiles-method

I have a ftp site that uses single quotes for the current directory and when I use the downloadfiles method i'm getting an error .  I 've create a trace that captures commands and response and here is the trace.  

09:37:14:3281 - Get files from : D10*TAC2*.zip

09:37:14:3281 - CMD> PWD

09:37:14:3906 - RESPONSE> 257 "'FX06833.'" is working directory.

09:37:14:4062 - CMD> TYPE A

09:37:14:4531 - RESPONSE> 200 Representation type is Ascii NonPrint

09:37:14:4687 - CMD> PASV

09:37:14:5156 - RESPONSE> 227 Entering Passive Mode (156,55,246,28,18,241)

09:37:14:5937 - CMD> LIST

09:37:14:7500 - RESPONSE> 125 List started OK

09:37:15:0156 - RESPONSE> 250 List completed successfully.

09:37:15:0312 - CMD> TYPE I

09:37:15:0937 - RESPONSE> 200 Representation type is Image

09:37:15:0937 - CMD> PASV

09:37:15:1718 - RESPONSE> 227 Entering Passive Mode (156,55,246,28,18,18)

09:37:15:2500 - CMD> RETR 'FX06833.'/D100816.FISB.TAC2FAA.ZIP

09:37:15:2968 - RESPONSE> 550 Mismatched quotes on pathname 'FX06833.'/D100816.FISB.TAC2FAA.ZIP

A you can tell from the log the single quote current directory seems to cause some issues when using the downloadfiles(remote, target) method.  I've tried using the directory in the string with for the remote path but that does not seem to work.  I would rather not re-write a function that gets the list of files and downloads the files one at time.  Even at that I'm not sure if the way the download methods function that would help . 

If anyone has any suggested it would be appreciated.

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