Subject: Integration of SAML SSO in existing applications
Date: 2011-04-05 10:04:35
From: Mitesh Makwana
Source: integration-saml-sso-existing-applications


I found your product best suitable for our requirement. But we don't know how to start with your sample applications to integrate with our existing .net applications.

What we want is..

We have 3-4 different applications in .NET version 3.5. We have our own user management module. Now we want to authenticate our user automatically when he/she opens up a new tab in browser and visit our partner website. The user is supposed to be shared among the applications.

We are interested to buy your product If your sample code works fine with our need. You have given so many sample applications in your demo product. But which is best suitable for our requirement and how can we start with it?

Mitesh Makwana
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