Subject: Imported PDF in Landscape but pdfCode39.Draw() appears Rotated
Date: 2013-01-15 19:52:28
From: Chris B.R.
Source: imported-pdf-landscape-pdfcode39-draw-appears-rotated


           I have a template that's in landscape and I want to place a barcode on it.

           The code below draws the barcode on the pdf but it's rotated 90 degress clockwise. The barcode is standing on its side.

           Please assist.


                PdfImportedDocument ldDoc = new PdfImportedDocument(templatePDF);
                PdfImportedForm form = ldDoc.Form;               
                // Drawing Code39 barcode
                PdfCode39 barcode = new PdfCode39();

                // Setting height of the barcode
                barcode.BarHeight = 15;
                barcode.Text = "1234567890";

                // Printing barcode on to the Pdf.                       
                barcode.Draw(ldDoc.Pages[0], new PointF(275, 725));





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