Subject: Implement a SAML IdP
Date: 2011-10-26 00:57:10
From: John Connors
Source: implement-saml-idp

I’m new to SAML, but have read most of the OASIS documentation and have a basic understanding of SAML.  I’m looking for some help with implementation and maybe some advice specifically on SAML.

Currently we have a customer that is using Google Apps.  The example program works great for their needs and we have already sent them a version based on your Ultimate SAML toolkit.  But, we would like to advertise to all our customers that we are SAML v2.0 compliant as an IdP provider.

We are trying to implement what I believe will be an IdP (or maybe IdP-Lite) according to the SAML conformance document.  I was hoping to find an IdP (and SP) class in the Ultimate SAML toolkit, but these do not seem present.

Instead, what it looks like I have is a toolkit that would be used to create these packages.  I’m thinking that means I need to collect the bindings I want to support, probably by building them in .NET, and building a set of profiles (SSO, Login, Logout, etc) using the SAML classes to create my own IdP that will support the necessary SAML bindings and SAML profiles.

Is that correct, or am I missing some parts of the toolkit?


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