Subject: ImapClient with implicit SSL does not work
Date: 2012-10-04 19:48:57
From: Klaus-Dieter Buchl
Source: imapclient-implicit-ssl-not-work


I am using the IMAPClient, and get "Server closed connection" error, when connecting using implicit SSL encryption (Explicit encryption hangs until server closes too).

The IMAP server has already established the SSL connection and responded with
* OK IMAP4rev1 server ready at 10/15/12 08:34:22
waiting for commands, but the client does not send any command.

I am using this source to connect

ImapClient client = new ImapClient();

client.Timeout = 120000;

client.Connect("", 993, ComponentPro.Net.SecurityMode.Implicit);

This throws the exception:

[ImapException: The server has closed the connection.]
   ComponentPro_HM.ComponentPro_QOC(Byte[] ComponentPro_B4B, Int32 ComponentPro_LOC, Int32 ComponentPro_A4B) +501
   ComponentPro_HM.ComponentPro_XBF(Int32& ComponentPro_Y1E) +63
   ComponentPro.Net.Mail.ImapClient.ComponentPro_SBF() +107
   ComponentPro.Net.Mail.ImapClient.ComponentPro_QBF(String ComponentPro_PKC, ArrayList ComponentPro_LBF) +38
   ComponentPro.Net.Mail.ImapClient.ComponentPro_SAF(String ComponentPro_PKC, ComponentPro_GM ComponentPro_U6C, String ComponentPro_L1C, Boolean ComponentPro_KBF) +292
   ComponentPro.Net.Mail.ImapClient.ComponentPro_QAF(String ComponentPro_PKC, Object[] ComponentPro_O2B) +40
   ComponentPro.Net.Mail.ImapClient.ComponentPro_FCF(String ComponentPro_J4D) +58
   ComponentPro.Net.Mail.ImapClient.ComponentPro_YBF(String ComponentPro_ZNC, Int32 ComponentPro_AOC, ComponentPro_SJ ComponentPro_O2B, SecurityMode ComponentPro_ZBF) +1172
   ComponentPro.Net.Mail.ImapClient.Connect(String serverName, Int32 serverPort, SecurityMode securityMode) +269

But using System.Net.Security.SslStream to connect to the same port and host is successfull and gets response from the server as expected.

* OK IMAP4rev1 server ready at 10/04/12 23:36:54 

Also using Outlook 2010 to connect to this mail server using SSL encryption works without errors.

Please correct this bug.


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