Subject: IdP Request to SP is a GET not POST when there is an error
Date: 2016-06-08 12:28:25
From: John Masters
Source: idp-request-sp-get-not-post-error

I am testing the SAML components with my SP application using as the IdP. It is all working fine, except when testing error cases. If the IdP has an invalid signing certificate for the SP, instead of returning the error in an http Post request that can be processed using my existing code, it is sending an http Get request with the SAMLResponse, etc in the query string. If this Request object with the parameters on the query string and not in a form is passed into [code lang='c#']ComponentPro.Saml2.Response.Create[/code] it throws an exception "Failed to convert saml message." with an innerExcecption of "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: s".

I cannot find an example of how to create a [code lang='c#']ComponentPro.Saml2.Response[/code] through the create methods or using the constructor methods where the request does not have a post form, or how to use ComponentPro to extract the assertions from the SAMLResponse string.

Any guideance would be much appreciated!

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