Subject: IDP/Logout
Date: 2012-05-17 15:18:28
From: Marco Meo
Source: idp-logout

we have developed an IDP to communicare with a Shibboleth SP.
The login works fine but we have problems with logout response.
for login we have used the .NET SAML2Shibboleth sample.
For logout response we have found some code in the SAML2MultipleSPs.

When we make a logout the error in log trace is the following:

IdP: Error in single logout service -- Query string is missing 'iuser'.:    in ComponentPro_OEA.ComponentPro_GZP(String ComponentPro_Q0P, String ComponentPro_H0P, AsymmetricAlgorithm ComponentPro_EZB, String& ComponentPro_DZP, String& ComponentPro_IMC, String& ComponentPro_TGC)
   in ComponentPro.Saml2.LogoutRequest.Create(String redirectUrl, String messageQueryName, AsymmetricAlgorithm key)
   in CTMP.LogOut.SAMLLOgout()

This is the line that generated the error:

Dim logoutRequest As LogoutRequest = logoutRequest.Create(Me.ResolveUrl("~/"), "iuser", x509Certificate.PublicKey.Key)

"iuser" is a string  tha my developer added but he don't know what exactly he must use.

we appreciate any help

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