Subject: IdP-Initiated SSO in .NET where SP is a third party independent website
Date: 2017-12-06 11:30:41
From: Dhanashri Kondap
Source: idp-initiated-sso-net-sp-third-party-independent-website

I am working on my first SSO project. It is an IDP initiated SSO in C#(VS 2015)

It’s a simple web forms application with just 1 page and a button which is supposed to take the authenticated users to an independent  third party company(it’s an online training company which is going to provide access to our employees and they will be the service provider)


I am modelling my code after your C# IDP initiated sample (ComponentPro\UltimateSaml v6.5.61116\Samples\Saml\Web\CS\Saml2IdPInitiated)


I am NOT even looking into what is done in the SP project within that sample. I am just interested in IDP side of the story.


Our third party SP has provided us with following

I am using XXX in place of the real company name.




Required Attributes

UserId, Email, FirstName, LastName


I have uncommented the code in your sample to include the attributes

My questions are

1.       About the X509 certificate: I am using the PFX file that was in the sample. Would that work for testing purposes? I believe that I as IDP, sign the X509 certificate with private key(PFX) and SP will read it with a public key. How do they get the public key? If I were to send them via email, which file do I send from the sample?

2.      After I send the response with assertion via POST , it just loads the ACS URL with a error message. How do I know what is the issue?

I would appreciate any help I can get.

Thank you

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