Subject: IdP Initiated SSO - ACS url
Date: 2017-06-13 09:01:46
From: Suresh Kanna
Source: idp-initiated-sso-acs-url

We need to implement IdP Initiated SSO in an existing .Net MVC application. The application is the Service Provider. Please note that all of our clients will not implement SSO and those who do not implement SSO should be directed to the normal Login page.

Am able to understand the flow when the User clicks on a url sited on the IdP. But my application sends some urls in Email updates too. What is the flow when the User clicks on that url (from Email). Or when the user tries to open a previously bookmarked page. Does this request come through the ACS endpoint to the SP application?
Does every request to the SP will come through the ACS url?
It is not possible to determine at the SP whether the request is comming from SSO client. In this case, what will be the flow if the user is not authenticated. How do I determine that I need to call a particular IdP when the request is not authenticated?


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