Subject: Hastable Problem !
Date: 2009-05-11 17:20:11
From: enginterzi Zizter
Source: hastable-problem


Souce Kod :
UltimateDynamicTemplate dt = new UltimateDynamicTemplate();
Hashtable MyHas = new Hashtable();
MyHas.Add("abc", 123);
dt.SetValue("Hase2", MyHas);
lblResult.Text = dt.Run();

but not working and return this error Error at line: 1 - column: 15, Function "Hase2" not found or arguments are invalid. Help me. Thanks ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: This question has been asked on the Q&A forum of Thang Dang's fraudulent ComponentPro brand If you purchased anything from ComponentPro, you have been scammed. Contact the payment processor who sold you the license and ask for your money back. Back to ComponentPro Q&A Forum Index