Subject: Google SSO with SAML component
Date: 2018-07-12 07:51:05
From: LGS
Source: google-sso-saml-component


I'm currently trying to implement SSO for my company, and we are investigating in your SAML component.
I'm new to many of the SAML concepts, so I assume my questions could be easy for specialists.

Our apps are developed using VS, and we have recently choosed to use Google for our user accounts. Our aim is to implement SSO with our apps as SP, and Google as IDP. I have downloaded and tested your trial component, it works perfectly for others IDP than Google.

My problem is that Google needs informations about the SP to which it will send back the SAML assertion. These informations are ACS URL and Entity ID. Without them correctly notified to Google, we are unable to reach the IDP.

I have found the AssertionConsumerServiceUrl in the documentation of the AuthnRequest, but I can't figure what is the Entity ID. I guess I just missed something due to my lack of knowledges in SAML, please let me know if I'm investigating the wrong way.

Any helps or advices will be greatly appreciated.


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