Subject: Generating a EntityDescriptor
Date: 2018-08-02 22:50:04
From: RickPace79
Source: generating-entitydescriptor

Im using the Saml2IdPInitiated_2013 sample solution that componentPro provides on this web site.   After tweaking the IdP side to point to our web app which serves as the Service Provider.  I then sent them the saml idp output that it generated thinking that would be enough.  They now want me to send them an entityDescripro block similar to to what you see below (this is their EntityDescriptor).  How can I generate this?

              MIIUQh3YPTqw4X9A3Uauh4jX3QPd8kPmJiFmT9M7/52C2ksuPdlW5itqgVwnhjSYQoxQW4xw93Bm9qUTG93 zBKiHMsZcXPek2rb8VUW0zl5huY3KPFvLT9qpd2OlSnMDR6lBGpfCGWEGSQL7R/iBVKI1wevd4rFMmt0OkHfpGv0


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