Subject: FtpSftpSynchronization
Date: 2018-05-14 15:16:57
From: Pete1970
Source: ftpsftpsynchronization


I use FtpSftpSynchronization

I have 3 issue before I make the order. I am in a hurry to have this working in my project.

1 the sync change date on file when sync from FTP to disk. I need it's keep original date and time.(same the FTP clinet do)

2 My Master are always the master, if different time always owerwrite target without any question. If master file are older I anyway want it to overwrite target file(I only compare time never data, but I guess that is the checkbox 'Compare File Data').
I never have 2 target, always one master and one target.

3 No questions, no dialog from the software. I use lvOutput as logfile and thats perfect for me. My software will run 02.00 every morning so no one can see the dialog anyway, it's only halt the work.

Thanks for your help.


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