Subject: Ftp.DownloadFiles issue
Date: 2015-12-11 13:58:45
From: Ronald Igarashi
Source: ftp-downloadfiles-issue

I'm running version 6.2.50719 of the FTP Components and i'm having an issue calling the DownloadFiles method.  When i put in an UNC path of \\TheServer\MyPath in the destination path it downloads the files to C:\TheServer\MyPath instead of the UNC Path \\TheServer\MyPath. When i check the Progress event and log the e.DestinationFileInfo.FullName on the TransferState.FileDownloaded state it displays the UNC path with only one beginning backslack like \TheServer\MyPath. When i check the \\TheServer\MyPath path nothing is in the folder but when i check C:\TheServer\MyPath all the files are there. Below is an example of my code.


                        using (var client = new Ftp() { TransferType = FileTransferType.Binary, SslUpgradeType = FtpSecureUpgradeType.SSL, SecureDataTransfers = true})
                            client.TransferConfirm += client_TransferConfirm;
                            client.Progress += client_Progress;
                            client.CommandResponse += client_CommandResponse;
                            client.Connect("MyFtpSite.Com", 21, FtpSecurityMode.Explicit);
                            client.Authenticate("MyUserName", "myPassword");
                            var transferOption = new TransferOptions()
                                FileExistsAction = FileExistsAction.Confirm,
                                SearchCondition = new NameSearchCondition(string.Format("*{0}*.csv", DateTime.Today.ToString("yyyyMMdd"), SearchConditionFileTypes.File))
                            client.DownloadFiles("/TheFtpPath", "\\TheServer\MyPath, transferOption);


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