Subject: FTP Change in 6.1.50120
Date: 2015-03-09 00:41:52
From: Peter Kandra
Source: ftp-change-6-1-50120

Since the change from 6.0.40501 to 6.1.50120, the following code isn't working for identifying when a thread has ended and all threads have ended.  Any suggestions?
[code lang='vb']
Dim oFTP As New Ftp
AddHandler oFTP.ThreadCompleted, AddressOf oFTP_ThreadCompleted
    Private Sub oFTP_ThreadCompleted(sender As Object, e As ThreadCompletedEventArgs)
        'log that the thread is complete
        Console.WriteLine(String.Format("Thread ID {0} completed", e.FileSystem.ThreadId))
    End Sub
I get the following error in my VB 2010 environment:
Type 'ThreadCompletedEventArgs' is not defined. 
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