Subject: Filter Specific Files in Folder or SubFolder of the archive files
Date: 2010-10-06 10:01:57
From: Joseph Mer
Source: filter-specific-files-folder-subfolder-archive-files


I have a Folder "Rep" and it contains 2 sub Folder "Temp" and  "Data"
I would like to archive the folder "Rep" by using the ultime zip dll :

Me.oZip = New Zip()

this code works well, but i would like to add a search condition to avoid archiving temp files wich are in the subfolder Temp?
i have tried this

options.SearchCondition = !SearchCondition.Masks("*.tmp");
Zip.AddFiles("rep",options)  but the filter "*.tmp" is global for the two subfolder ???

can you help me please


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