Subject: FileSystem.TransferFiles, but with selected files only
Date: 2013-07-30 18:11:24
From: Sam Tai
Source: filesystem-transferfiles-selected-files

I need to get the list of files to upload because the directory contents are dynamic.  So I've got:

FileSystem fs = client as FileSystem;
TransferOptions transferOptions = new TransferOptions();
transferOptions.Recursive = RecursionMode.None;f
oreach (string path in Directory.GetFiles(localDirectory, fileMask))
  FileInfo fi = new FileInfo(path); 
  FileSystem.TransferFiles(DiskFileSystem.Default, @"C:\Export\", ????, fs, @"upload/", transferOptions);

My problem is the ???? IFileInfo[] parameter.  How do I convert between System.IO.FileInfo to IFileInfo?

Also, there is supposed to be a third overload where string[] replaces IFileInfo[] but that does not seem to be working.

Please help!

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