Subject: FileExists and DeleteFile Not Working (Sftp)
Date: 2023-08-07 19:33:15
From: James
Source: fileexists-deletefile-not-working-sftp

1)  Using FileExists on an FTP site with the file there keeps returning False.  I'm using the code from the ComponentPro UltimateSftp documentation.

booResult = client.FileExists("/Update.txt")

This always returns false, for some reason.

I was able to get it to work by doing this:

For Each info As SftpFileInfo In client.ListDirectory(New NameSearchCondition("/Update.txt"))
    booResult = True
Next info

This does return True, but not sure why the first isn't working.

2)  Finding that work around, I then tried to delete the file using the documented command.


This would also tell me that the file did not exist.

I was able to get it to work by doing this:

strFileName = "/" & txtFileName.Text
For Each info As SftpFileInfo In client.ListDirectory(New NameSearchCondition(strFileName))

Again, it's a work around, but I did get it to work.

3)  Now I'm trying to get a new file to upload and it tells me I don't have access.

Dim fi As New FileStream("C:\\Update.txt", FileMode.Open)

client.UploadFile(fi, "/Update.txt")

This gives me a Permission Denied error.

There's another chunk of code that pulls down all the files in the directory that I'm looking at and it works perfectly.  I have full access via WinSCP using the same credentials, so I'm kind of at a loss what is wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.


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