Subject: Failed to send request receive response over soap,meta start tag does not match the end tag of head
Date: 2016-06-07 05:42:59
From: Harshitha K
Source: failed-send-request-receive-response-soap-meta-start-tag-not-match-end-tag-head


 I am facing the following issue when requesting for artifact resolution to idp:

Failed to send request receive response over soap: The 'meta' start tag on line 5 position 6 does not match the end tag of 'head'. Line 12, position 3.


This is the code for requesting artifact resolution:

 [code lang='c#']
Saml2ArtifactType0004 httpArtifact = Saml2ArtifactType0004.CreateFromHttpArtifactHttpForm(context.Request);
                   // Saml2ArtifactType0004 httpArtifact = Saml2ArtifactType0004.CreateFromHttpArtifactQueryString(System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request);
                    // Create an artifact resolve request.
                    ArtifactResolve artifactResolve = new ArtifactResolve();
                    artifactResolve.Issuer = new Issuer(Util.GetAbsoluteUrl(System.Web.HttpContext.Current, "~/"));
                    artifactResolve.Artifact = new Artifact(httpArtifact.ToString());
                    // Send the artifact resolve request and receive the artifact response.
                    string spArtifactResponderUrl = WebConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ArtifactIdProviderUrl"];
                    ArtifactResponse artifactResponse = ArtifactResponse.SendSamlMessageReceiveAftifactResponse(spArtifactResponderUrl, artifactResolve);
                    // Extract the authentication request from the artifact response.
                    samlResponse = new Response(artifactResponse.Message);
                    relayState = httpArtifact.RelayState;
When requesting for artifact resolution to sp from idp, it works just fine but the vice versa is failing with the error.
I have checked the xml too.
This is the XML
<saml:ArtifactResolve ID="_37DBE1945FEE46AFA8760669A9E35A71" Version="2.0" IssueInstant="2016-06-07T05:53:15.756Z" xmlns:saml="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:protocol"><saml:Issuer xmlns:saml="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:assertion">http://localhost:1426/</saml:Issuer><samlp:Artifact xmlns:samlp="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:protocol">AAQAAErbp/tMatqZ/zZ4dvK10H8AAAAAvYu+k6ffUkCCUnLjx2ixkwAAAAA=</samlp:Artifact></saml:ArtifactResolve>
Can anyone please help?
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