Subject: Failed to decrypt saml assertion
Date: 2018-01-04 21:23:41
From: Mark
Source: failed-decrypt-saml-assertion-57eceae2-1c8d-4a66-b62a-7dc9f2048bd6

Hello, I am trying to decrypt an assertion and I keep getting:

{"Failed to decrypt saml assertion."}

on my c# application. I put the path to my pfx (certificate file) and the password. I have verified that the password works. Code below:

    X509Certificate2 decryptionKey = new X509Certificate2(Path.Combine(HttpRuntime.AppDomainAppPath   "\\Certificates\\", "voloprivatekey.pfx"), "AAAA1123");
    assertion = encryptedAssertion.Decrypt(decryptionKey.PrivateKey, null);

The above is where I get that error. The SAML is encrypted from using our public key (cer file) that I sent to the other company.

Any suggestions?




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