Subject: Extracting file to a memory buffer with Developer Express AspxFileManager  generates: System.IO.IOException: 'The process cannot access the file "" because it is being used by another process.'
Date: 2020-10-08 19:58:42
From: catchem35
Source: extracting-file-memory-buffer-developer-express-aspxfilemanager-generates-system-io-ioexception-the-process-cannot-access-file-used-another-process

I downloaded the trail of UltimateZip and have been trying to follow and implement the example for: Extracting file to a memory buffer

I am using this with the Developer Express AspxFileManger to unzip on the download using the following code:

Protected Sub ASPxFileManager1_FileDownloading(source As Object, e As DevExpress.Web.FileManagerFileDownloadingEventArgs) Handles ASPxFileManager1.FileDownloading
        Dim openfile As String = e.File.FullName.ToString

        ' Open an existing file. 
        Dim zip As New Zip()
        zip.ExtractFile("my file.zipt", e.OutputStream)
        ' Close the zip file.

    End Sub

Using generates an error that the file being downloaded is in use. 

Developer Express has properties for e.OutPutStream and e.InputStream but I can’t seem to use the e.inputStream as the zip.Open argument.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. 
Thank you.


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