Subject: empty attribute statements
Date: 2010-02-15 12:48:16
From: Jimmy Cater
Source: empty-attribute-statements

Hi I"m evaluating your component for our solution and came across a problem when exploring assertion creation options. I used one of your samples (SPInitiatedWebDemo.VS2008) in which I modified CreateSAMLResponse method (in Util class) to have: Assertion samlAssertion = new Assertion(); samlAssertion.Subject = new Subject(new NameId(page.User.Identity.Name)); samlAssertion.Issuer = new Issuer(issuerURL); AuthnStatement newAuthnStatement = new AuthnStatement(); newAuthnStatement.AuthnInstant = DateTime.Now; newAuthnStatement.SessionNotOnOrAfter = newAuthnStatement.AuthnInstant.AddHours(1); AttributeStatement attributeStatement = new AttributeStatement(); ComponentPro.Net.Saml2.Assertions.Attribute attribute = new ComponentPro.Net.Saml2.Assertions.Attribute("test", SamlAttributeNameFormat.Unspecified, "test"); AttributeValue val = new AttributeValue("Jimmy"); attribute.Values.Add(val); attributeStatement.Attributes.Add(attribute); ComponentPro.Net.Saml2.Assertions.Attribute.RegisterAttributeValueSerializer("test", null, new StringAttributeValueSerializer()); samlAssertion.Statements.Add(newAuthnStatement); samlAssertion.Statements.Add(attributeStatement); After receiving the message on the SP side the assertion looks like: http://localhost:1425/ myuserid As you can see, the AttributeStatement is empty. I guess I"m doing something wrong, but what? This is one of critical bits for me to give the green light for the implementation. Can you help?

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