Subject: EmailValidator ValidationLevel Property
Date: 2017-06-22 06:13:15
From: Dean Samsig
Source: emailvalidator-validationlevel-property

There is no mention of what happens if you set ValidationLevel to anything other than Syntax, Lists, MailExchangeRecords, SmtpConnection, or Mailbox. From what I saw yesterday, if set to Success the component might incorrectly return Success even if it would have failed the regex syntax check. This is only further worsened by the fact that the default/lowest value of the ValidationLevel enum is Success.

Documentation doesn't seem to mention what the default value is in a new EmailValidator, but through debuging I can see that it is set to Mailbox.

I would suggest adding a "Undefined" or "None" value to the enum as value 0, and maybe make the Validate method give an error if a non-usable ValidationLevel value is defined rather than incorrently giving Success for example.

Product version: Ultimate Studio Package 6.8.4155 Standard

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