Subject: Email Bounce issue with particular sentence
Date: 2018-05-07 04:19:21
From: Manish Kumar
Source: email-bounce-issue-particular-sentence

We are using your Mail expert bounce inspector to check spam mails.
When we try to add "User should be able to register and gain full access to the system" 
in subject or body the mail get bounce true. I dont think there is any issue in this
sentence and we need to process the email.The code we are using to check bounce mail is 

        private bool IsUselessEmail(MailMessage MailMessage)

            if (MailMessage.Headers != null && (MailMessage.Headers["X-Autoreply"] != null || MailMessage.Headers["X-Autorespond"] != null || (MailMessage.Headers["auto-submitted"] != null && MailMessage.Headers["auto-submitted"].Value.ToString() == "auto-replied")))
                return true;

            BounceInspector inspector = new BounceInspector();
            BounceResult bResult = inspector.Process(MailMessage);

            if ((bResult != null && bResult.BounceType != null && bResult.BounceType.Code != BounceType.AutoReply) && bResult.Identified)//it is bounced email
                return true;
                return false;

It returns true.


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