Subject: Documentation Questions
Date: 2012-07-06 19:25:38
From: Marc O. Alfonso
Source: documentation-questions

I have several questions regarding the SmtpSendOptions class, the documentation doesn't explain this very well.

1) This can be used by the static method MailMessage.Send(MailMessage, SmtpSendOptions). However, if I would like to send multiple messages in a single connection, there seems to be no way to call the instance method of MailMessage.Send with these parameters. (I should note the documentation says Send is a instance method, not a static method.) There is also no MailMessage constructor that accepts SmtpSendOptions as a parameter (as a shortcut to calling connect/authenticate, similar to how works)

2) SmtpSendOptions.From doesn't seem to do anything. I would figure it sets the SMTP MAIL FROM command, but in my testing, the message from parameter was used both in the SMTP FROM and the Envelope Header. (I am looking for an equivalent for aspNetEmail's ReversePath property)

3) The SmtpSendOptions(bool loadFromConfigFile) constructor has no mention of where this config file is located or what format it is in. In my testing, I found it used the format of settings in the web.config. Is this correct and are there any differences we should be aware of?

And a bit off topic, I have not found any documentation for the MailMerge component. Can you advise where I can find this?


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