Subject: dll conflict between trial and purchased versions
Date: 2014-04-17 14:26:06
From: Enrique Hinojosa
Source: dll-conflict-trial-purchased-versions

We just purchased the ZIP component. We had been working with the trial version so we did the following to install the purchased version:

1. Remove the references in our VS2013 project.
2. Uninstall the trial version.
3. Install the purchased version.
4. Add the references of the purchased version to our VS2013 project.

After this procedure, we publish our VS2013 project and we are getting a message telling us about a conflict between the following DLL versions: and We looked in the installation folder to check for the DLL versions (c:\ComponentPro\UltimateZip\v5.3.31206\bin) and see that dll´s are the ones in such a folder.

We are running VS2013 and Windows 8. I will very much appreciate your feedback to our issue.


Jorge Maldonado

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