Subject: DiskFileSystemSynchronization and date
Date: 2018-06-07 10:47:26
From: Pete1970
Source: diskfilesystemsynchronization-date

I use 'DiskFileSystemSynchronization' and it's work perfect.
I have uncheck 'Compare File Data'

I open up the file and add a line in the textfil and save it.

then I get a new modify date. but I want 'DiskFileSystemSynchronization' still mark the file as same date.

Then I try this:

 1. changeDate = File.GetLastWriteTime("c:\test.txt")
 2. open file 
 3. add line
 4. save file
 5. File.SetLastWriteTime("c:\test.txt", changeDate)

then date and time are the same as before I open and save the file.

but 'DiskFileSystemSynchronization' still think it's have a newer change date.


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