Subject: CreateLogoutMessage Error: Failed to convert saml message posted form from base 64 encoded string
Date: 2018-06-06 14:05:52
From: cemerson
Source: createlogoutmessage-error-failed-convert-saml-message-posted-form-base-64-encoded-string

Not sure why but the sample project works fine but once I moved the "dfdf" project into my actual C# app I started getting this error from the SamlMessageUtil.CreateLogoutMessage() calls:

    {"Failed to convert saml message posted form from base 64 encoded string."}

Everything else w/the SAML stuff is working fine. 
My C# project is .NET 4.5.2 but other than that no real huge differences I can find yet.
Prior to the above error I was getting this message from the same CreateLogoutMessage method:

    The message is not an HTTP POST.

However once I changed from Response.Redirect() to a Form submit page change that went away - and now I'm left with this base 64 encoded string error.

**Any advice help how to get past this error?** 

I'd attach my project but as you can imagine that would take fair amt of time so hoping you can help w/just the above info?


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