Subject: Created PDF With Images Bloated
Date: 2011-03-02 09:19:53
From: gary Lee
Source: created-pdf-images-bloated

When I create a New PDF made purely of gif images, the PDF ends up bloated.
8 full size images, (GiF)
1 image per page.
Total Image size = 4.5MB
Total PDF size 18MB.

Anyone know why, or how to correct this.

My code is as follows:

ImageName As String = ""
Dim doc As New PdfDocument
Dim section As PdfSection = doc.Sections.Add()
Dim page As PdfPage = Nothing
Dim g As PdfGraphics = Nothing

    For x As Integer = 1 To 8

        ImageName =

"C:\temp\PDFMerge\TempJPG_000" & x & ".gif"

        Dim tiffImage As New PdfBitmap(ImageName)
        tiffImage.Quality = 0.5
        page = section.Pages.Add()
        section.PageSettings.Margins.All = 10
        g = page.Graphics
        tiffImage.ActiveFrame = 0
        g.DrawImage(tiffImage, 0, 0, page.GetClientSize().Width, page.GetClientSize().Height)



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