Subject: ComponentPro.Mail new version ?
Date: 2022-11-15 10:49:22
Source: componentpro-mail-new-version


We have bought your Ultimate Mail Component last year (Order #13284 on 03/03/2021 17:04:04 - Total: $1299) and we have seen that the latest Nuget Version ( is deprecated and unlisted, with potentially security risks.

Can you provide any informations about it ? We have a lifetime subscription, where we need to go to download a new version ?

In general manner, we have seen that manies of your packages were in this case (we also have a licence for ComponentPro.Saml), could you provide current informations about your company ? Are you always in business activity ? 



Note: This question has been asked on the Q&A forum of Thang Dang's fraudulent ComponentPro brand
If you purchased anything from ComponentPro, you have been scammed. Contact the payment processor
who sold you the license and ask for your money back.

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