Subject: Can we Post Two Seprate SAML token to two different SP
Date: 2020-03-23 13:30:43
From: devendrasahumk
Source: can-post-two-seprate-saml-token-two-different-sp

Hi Team,

We have Requirement to Post Two Seprate SAML Token to two different SP.

Actually we have one site (Site1) which is one SP for us and in that site, we have embedded Tableau Dashboards and Tableau server is another SP.

Once user is authenticated on IDP we are showing him the list of SP from there user clicks on Site1 and we post SAML to site1 where user is able to login successfully, now the user wants to access Tableau dashboard and Tabealu already configured with our IDP.

So how we can post second Token to that Tableau server as our control already moved on our first site by posting first small.



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