Subject: How i Can encrypt SAML response with SP certificate
Date: 2019-06-25 10:58:52
From: devendrasahumk
Source: can-encrypt-saml-response-sp-certificate

Hi Team, 

Our SP provider ask to send SAML Response with encryption using SP certificate.
Please let me know in the context of ComponentPro\UltimateSaml-Pro v7.0.226.13\Samples\Saml\Mvc\CS\Saml2-EasySamlApi\Saml2SsoDemoMvc\IdP

 void LoadSamlSettings()
            Saml = new SamlManager();
            Saml.IdentityProvider.Config = SamlProvidersConfig.Load(
                AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory   "saml-idp.json", false, false);
            LocalIdentityProviderConfig local = new LocalIdentityProviderConfig();
            local.Name = LocalProviderName;
            local.Description = "IdpInitiated - IdP";
           CertificateInfo certInfo = new CertificateInfo();
            certInfo.CertificateFile = "IdpKey.pfx";
            certInfo.CertificatePassword = "password";
            local.LocalSignatureCertificates = new CertificateInfo[] { certInfo };

            ProviderConfigCollection partnerConfigs = new ProviderConfigCollection();
            PartnerServiceProviderConfig pcfg = new PartnerServiceProviderConfig();
            pcfg.Name = PartnerProviderName;
            pcfg.Description = "IdpInitiated - SP";

            pcfg.ExpectAuthnRequestSigned = true;
            pcfg.SignResponse = true;
            pcfg.SignAssertion = true;
            pcfg.EncryptAssertion = true;

            pcfg.AssertionConsumerServiceUrl = WebConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ConsumerServiceUrl"];
            pcfg.SingleLogoutServiceUrl = WebConfigurationManager.AppSettings["LogoutServiceProviderUrl"];

            CertificateInfo SpCertInfo = new CertificateInfo();
            SpCertInfo .CertificateFile = "SP_Certificate.crt";
            SpCertInfo .CertificatePassword = ""; 
            pcfg.PartnerEncryptionCertificates = new CertificateInfo[] { SpCertInfo };


            Saml.IdentityProvider.Config.Local = local;
            Saml.IdentityProvider.Config.Partners = partnerConfigs;

            Saml.IdentityProvider.Config.Save(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory   "saml-idp.json");
Above line of code is correct in LoadSamlSettings() function of Gloabl.asax file of IDP project

Devendra Sahu


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