Subject: Authentication event not firing
Date: 2021-03-05 21:45:47
From: cruentidei
Source: authentication-event-not-firing

I'm using FileZilla Client to connect to my sftp app. When I try to do so, it fires my connection even and my pre-authentication event. Then I get this error

Error: FATAL ERROR: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: )
Error: Could not connect to server

And my disconnect event gets hit. I have an Authentication event, called like this...

_server.Authentication  = AuthenticateUser;

But it never fires. I suspect that I need to do one or more of two things...
1. I need to perform some actions in the connect or pre-auth events.
2. I need to tie the user to a specific authentication method.

Can anybody tell me which one it is? And how to do it? The sample app that you have shows me how to create a server app with your stuff and how to start it, but not how to do anything else.


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